The Creative Heart of Arredoclassic


It´s in our technical office that the ideas of our collaborators intermingle, are amplified and translated into furniture pieces from the Arredoclassic repertoire. They are the faces behind the experience which Arredoclassic emanates. The people, their ideas and the place where they work – from which they draw inspiration – makes our collections particularly special.

However, creating a collection is not just about putting together the elements which comprise it, but also, and perhaps above all else, succeeding in placing the great experience and personal knowledge of the designers at the service of the people. Listening to you, trying to understand what you want and translating it into a language, which delves into the territory of classicism but also holds its head up in contemporary living – this is the real calling behind design. The intensity of our work lies completely in the design of the collections, which can be produced on a large scale without ever compromising the profound sense of the Made in Italy culture: beauty, balance and research to give each and every person the unique quality of a “class” product.

The beating heart of every product is the design phase, sagely conceived and interpreted in our technical office. Thanks to personal experience over the course of the years, our designers are placed to listen out for market developments and clients´ tastes, translating it all into the lines which will give shape to every individual element of the Arredoclassic collections.


Collaborations with Italian Designers


By paying continual attention to the development of tastes and the market, our designers conceive the new collections marrying the industrialisation of the product with a refined and prestigious style, resulting in constantly elegant and refined products.

Giovanni Casalini is the most prolific Arredoclassic collaborator, who over the years has developed a deep knowledge of his field, both in theory and practice, managing to translate many artistic intuitions into successful products. Many of our creations take shape in his Pisa studio with an ever lively and stimulating exchange of ideas.

The decision-making process at the base of our creations is, in fact, the result of the joint work between our technical office, sales managers and the various collaborations with the art director Casalini. The latter´s decade-long experience in the field of furniture design and furnishings – in addition to the Made in Italy design – endows the design phase with the uniqueness and beauty, which makes us proud of our work.

Our Designer Giovanni Casalini

Designing for Arredoclassic is like having an idea, the imagination to create something significant, something that stands out compared to the traditional classic. The knowledge of lines, shapes and materials set out the conditions, not just of trends and fashion, but as well of the efficiency of production. When I design for Arredoclassic, I create with fantasy something rich, but durable in time.

Giovanni Casalini