What is the delivery time of the furniture?

  • non-upholstered items: almost always available for immediate delivery.
  • upholstered items: 4 / 5 weeks production time.

Which materials are used in arredoclassic furniture?

Every furniture collection is made using a specific mix of materials. Because most of our furniture is finished in a full gloss polyester lacquer, we are forced to use innovative materials with high technical characteristics.
Therefore: all tops are mainly made of top quality MDF that allows a perfect flat and durable surface. All Wardrobes (structure and doors) are mainly made with honey comb / sandwich panels that offer strength and lightness. All chairs are always in solid beech wood with the top lacquer finish matching the collection elements.

Is it possible to change the finishes or the sizes of the furniture?

As our furniture is produced in large quantities and therefore almost always available for immediate delivery in our warehouse, there is no possibility to apply structural changes.

Can i change the fabric for chairs and sofas?

Yes, Arredoclassic has a wide range of fabric and leather choices.

How is the furniture packed?

All goods are packed in strong cartons suitable for export purposes, with inside corner block protections, to prevent damages on all furniture parts. The cartons are specifically suitable and safe for Container or Truck shipment. They are not suggested for Airfreight Shipment.

Which are the opening hours of arredoclassic and where is ArredoClassic?

Offices and warehouse opening hours are: 08.00 - 12.30 / 13.00 - 16.30.
We are in:
Via Marche 40/c
Montecchio di Vallefoglia (PU) Italy

Are your products all Made in Italy?

Our products are all 100% Made in Italy certified by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products, guaranteeing, after a series of checks and researches, that the entire production cycle of our collections takes place exclusively in Italy. The value of Made in Italy is not only attributable to the centuries-old prestige of the Italian brand, elevating and embellishing the image of Arredoclassic, but also to the undisputed quality of the materials.

What is meant by Liberty style?

Liberty style furnishing products are characterized by a bright, elegant soul that is always ready to amaze. The typical marbled finish with creamy tones of the style combines perfectly with the elegant silver frames, warmed up by a few touches of gold leaf decorations. If you've always dreamed of a refined, precious home that surprises by revealing fascinating details such as handles that resemble a square spiral, our Liberty furniture collection is perfect for you!

Do you do estimates for classic style sofas?

We do not create online estimates for our classic style sofas, but our staff is at your disposal to answer any doubts regarding the best furnishing choices. If you have found something you like or would like to customize, for example by making the seats and upholstered items unique, visit one of our stores closest to you and request a quote for the sofa of your dreams!

Can I furnish my living room in English style with your products?

No, all our collections are inspired by the unmistakable timeless charm of the classic Italian style. This means that you can recreate it with a harmonious environment, refined with fine finishes. Visit one of our stores and choose your favorite furniture from those available to create the living room you've always wanted.

Why buy from a classic Italian furniture manufacturer?

Choosing a classic Italian furniture manufacturer like Arredoclassic has many advantages. Among the most important are, for example, providing years of experience in the art direction of the collections to guarantee you a harmonious and refined catalogue, 100% Made in Italy top quality materials and extreme attention to every detail. Our entire production chain is based in Pesaro, a point of reference for decades for innovation and research in the field of interior design.

Can the classic/contemporary style be combined to furnish a living room?

Certain! From Arredoclassic's decennial experience comes Adora, the contemporary furniture brand that completes our collections by proposing a new point of view of Italian design: that of contemporary elegance that inspires luxury interiors. Discover all Adora products to recreate a contemporary living room with the sophistication of retro style.

What are the differences between classic and contemporary style in furnishing?

The classic style is often characterized by elegant and detailed elements, such as hand-sculpted furniture, fine raw materials and soft colors. Instead the contemporary one is more minimalist, with clean lines, bright colors and the use of materials such as glass and metal. While classic furniture is based on balance and symmetry, contemporary furniture focuses on functionality and the practical aspect. If you love both styles, visit the new product born from the historic experience of Arredoclassic: Adora. With us, you can choose the collection that best suits your needs.