Every emotion is different. This is the principle behind Arredoclassic’s creations and translates into a careful reinterpretation of the classic aesthetic style.

A marked and distinctive character, because what counts is to stand out.

Every room in the home can become a treasure chest that holds precious furnishings, in a coherent style that makes the living space unique.

The timeless charm of

classic-style furniture

Choosing a classic style means:

  • Enjoying an environment where all the furnishing elements are elegantly arranged in a symmetrical and harmonious manner.
  • A place where you can breathe in the refined atmosphere of the homes of the past.
  • To be able to choose from furniture with quality finishes such as ceramic, bronze, marble and gold leaf.
  • Living in an environment where colours, predominantly with muted shades, are chosen to emphasise the elegance of the materials.
  • To be able to enjoy a space where the lighting will be cosy and calm, evenly distributed to reinforce the sense of elegance and hospitality.

The manufacturing, entirely Made in Italy, is characterised by first-class, quality products and original designs, exclusively created for our company.

Furniture Collections - 100% Made In Italy - Arredoclassic

Italian Design

Arredoclassic is a“100% Made in Italy brand that manufactures its collections in the Pesaro area, for decades a reference point in innovation and research in the field of interior design.

For us, creating a collection means serving all our customers by listening to their wishes, translating them into furnishing complements capable of integrating perfectly with the dreamed environment.

Our furniture represents the Italian tradition of luxury. The collections are designed to be timeless, while always maintaining the research skills and beauty typical of the Italian furniture.

Customer-centric focus

Arredoclassic places customers at the centre, with special attention to their needs and requirements both pre- and after-sale.

Our staff is available to you to answer any doubts regarding the best furniture choices.

While ensuring respect for the customer’s personal taste, we offer the possibility to customise products, for example by making upholstery and seating unique.

For those who wish to furnish the interior of their luxury home with Italian furniture, Arredoclassic’s customer service is available to answer any question.

Details that make a difference

The rooms created by Arredoclassic bestow character to a home by reflecting as faithfully as possible the tastes and style of those who live there.

Everyone is entitled to indulge in luxury furniture that can bestow a unique and unmistakable touch to the environment.

Each collection we offer features clearly recognisable characteristics that make it unique thanks to a unique and unmistakable underlying style, the Arredoclassic style, which can be customised according to the preferences and needs of the customer to create countless compositions.



Dining Room

The dining room is the environment where one probably spends the most time and is the hub of conviviality where one welcomes friends or simply relaxes.

It is a room where the furnishings must stand out for the rich fabrics of the seats and the precious details of the furniture embodied by the Italian design style.

Furniture Collections - 100% Made In Italy - Arredoclassic

Living Room

The living room is the meeting place par excellence where to receive guests and enjoying friendly chit-chat.

Classic-style furnishing makes the room to stand out for the quality of its furniture and the sophistication of its style.

Furniture Collections - 100% Made In Italy - Arredoclassic


Shutting out the world after a hard day’s work is the only thing a person asks for when stepping into the bedroom.

This is the most intimate and cosy place in the entire home, where refined design elements will allow you to find peace of mind and relaxation amidst gilding and fine fabrics.

Furniture Collections - 100% Made In Italy - Arredoclassic


A room that deserves special attention is certainly the studio as a place of representation where work or study takes place.

It must speak through the quality and luxury of Italian furnishing that represents you and meets your aesthetic preferences.

Think of the beauty for the eyes when, away from the computer or books, you can admire classic-designed or – why not – also contemporary, finishes around you, full of charm as only Made in Italy furniture can offer.