Sofas "Tiziano"


A Luminous Embrace

The Tiziano sofas are valuable like the brocades and velvets in which they come. The mecca silver leaf is hand applied by Italian craftsmen making each decoration truly unique and special. The spacious and soft seating will guarantee your comfort, while embellishments through the refined and elegant detailing ensure you and your home receive every due luxury and charm.

Product Information Sofas Tiziano

3/Seats Sofacm. 235cm. 90cm. 108
2/Seats Sofacm. 195cm. 90cm. 106
Armchaircm. 135cm. 90cm. 103
3/Seats Sofa with Bedcm. 235cm. 240cm. 108
2/Seats Sofa with Bedcm. 195cm. 240cm. 106