Corner Sofa "Donatello"

Corner Sofa

Refined encounters

The virtuosity of Italian designers can easily be detected in the sinuous and intense lines of the Donatello corner sofa. The gilt moulding and carving on the main structure, divide the expanse in an elegant and composed manner. The exquisite finishes, which can be customised to meet your design needs, complement the richness of the detailing in the Donatello collection.

Product Information Corner Sofas Donatello

3/Seats sofa without Armscm. 167cm. 90cm. 108
2/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 127cm. 90cm. 106
Armchair without Armscm. 67cm. 90cm. 103
Corner Elementcm. 110cm. 110cm. 107
Set of Armscm. 34cm. 81cm. 86