Beds "Leonardo"


Luminous Protagonist

Lingering over the large golden crown at the top of the headboard does not do justice to the Leonardo bed – many details single it out as unique and precious. From the large outer frame to the smaller one with its clean and fundamental geometries, from the screen printing in warm beige tones to the small LED lights that can illuminate the headboard with a diffused light – everything has been thought of to make it the room´s central feature.

Product Information Beds Leonardo

Description Width Lenght Height Mattress/ Frame Size
Queen Size Bed cm. 191 cm. 223 cm. 140 cm. 160x190/200
Italian Size Bed cm. 191 cm. 211 cm. 140 cm. 160x190/200
King Size Bed cm. 229 cm. 223 cm. 140 cm. 180/200x200