Living room



The Modigliani Lounge Collection communicates with an aesthetic language entirely based on classic Italian style. The items of furniture featured in this collection create atmospheres based on the balance between clean-cut lines and curved volume. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two lounge furniture lines, the Elysium – a collection of gold or walnut sofas and armchairs – or the comfortable Modigliani collection, characterised by elegant quilted seatbacks. Both options feature handmade golden decorations and motifs, details that boast stylistic continuity and meticulous attention to detail.
arredoclassic donatello salotto divano letto
arredoclassic donatello salotto divano frontale
arredoclassic donatello salotto bracciolo divano
arredoclassic donatello salotto tessuto divano
arredoclassic donatello salotto cornice divano
arredoclassic donatello salotto divano due posti

Modigliani Living Room - Italian Classical Style Furniture WARRANTY

All products are guaranteed 2 years from the date of sale on manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover any malfunction due to improper use of the purchased products or due to the normal wear.