Modigliani is the furnishing line by Arredoclassic that allows creating tastefully and elegantly furnished rooms in perfect classic Italian style. A décor inspired by the majesty of the Empire style that, amidst rich and refined details and gilded carvings creates cosy, elegant and unmistakable settings.

Neoclassical furnishing features refined design and timeless aesthetics that make it one of the most sought-after styles to decorate homes around the world today.

The colour palette offered by the Modigliani line, thanks to the use of walnut and elm burl finishes, contributes to make every area of the home look sophisticated, noble and important. In the Arredoclassic’s Modigliani line you can find everything that has always characterised the company’s work and made it famous across the world.


A perfect balance of colour and materials reigns supreme in the Modigliani Dining Room Collection…


The Modigliani Lounge Collection communicates with an aesthetic language entirely based on classic Italian style…


A space where the body can find peace and relaxation, while the senses are indulged by the unmistakable charm of classic décor…

The Modigliani Collection: for an Empire-style luxury home

What is design if not the ability to evolve with the trends of the market, anticipating needs and translating them into comfortable, functional products with a unique and prestigious look.

All of this, at Arredoclassic is made possible to the excellence in the manufacturing experience in the area, the innovative drive that distinguishes the designers always ready to notice the changes to translate them into furnishings that are always new yet faithful to classic Italian style.

Modigliani Collection - Imperial Luxury Style Arredoclassic

Italian design for a luxury home

What distinguishes the Modigliani neoclassical furniture collection is its strong character bestowed by the daring combination of austere and sinuous shapes, the extreme elegance of the preciously embroidered fabrics, and the gilded finishes that add luxury to each room.

Let yourself be captivated by the royal atmospheres and balanced opulence that a neoclassical-style environment can provide.

Interior design with guaranteed quality


Furnishing your home with made in Italy furnishings means ensuring a product of unrivalled quality.

A quality that Arredoclassic expresses with:

• First choice materials

• Exclusive original designs in each piece of its Collections

• Semi-finished products designed and manufactured in Italy

• Timely customer service from pre to after sales

Those who love the classic style and its luxury and exclusive allure will find great attention to detail and a focus on service of which Arredoclassic prides itself.

Modigliani Collection - Imperial Luxury Style Arredoclassic

Neoclassical Modigliani Dining Room

Even the Modigliani dining room stands out for its majesty.

A perfect balance of colours made possible by the careful and meticulous choice of materials:

• Warm shades of walnut finish

• Elm burl silk-screen printing

• Finished with gold leaf friezes and motifs

All these details combine to make the Modigliani living room a major room with an unmistakable neoclassical style where the fronts and friezed columns remind of the Empire style in all its magnificence.

Modigliani Collection - Imperial Luxury Style Arredoclassic
Modigliani Collection - Imperial Luxury Style Arredoclassic

Neoclassical Modigliani

Living Room

A parlour furnished with the Modigliani line can fully express the majesty of classic Italian style.

Seats with gilded and walnut finishes with quilted backs elegantly upholstered with hand-embroidered fabrics, furniture made precious by gilded decorations, bold lines and curvy volumes contribute to making the parlour a balanced and sophisticated environment.

Neoclassical Modigliani


The rooms of a neoclassical style home can be completed with the bedroom from the Modigliani line.

The same attention to detail, gold leaf finishes and reference to imperial columns can be found in the furnishing accessories that Arredoclassic has designed for the bedroom.

Each piece in the collection is perfectly matched to ensure a harmonious yet sumptuous ambience that provides comfort and undeniable elegance.

Modigliani Collection - Imperial Luxury Style Arredoclassic

Made in Italy Furniture

Arredoclassic furniture embodies all the craftsmanship, industriousness and great flair that have made Made in Italy products famous.

Made in Italy is a concept that the company wanted to fully embrace, establishing its entire manufacturing in one of the most important furniture making districts in Italy: Pesaro.

This is also where the neoclassical Modigliani furniture line was born.

The entire creative process, the lines and shapes, the search for materials and related manufacturing take place according to a solid tradition always projected towards innovation.

It was specifically the extreme care in ensuring an Italian production that earned Arredoclassic the certification 100% Made in Italy.

Modigliani Collection - Imperial Luxury Style Arredoclassic