The Melodia collection is a Made in Italy furniture line full of innovative ideas, created to renew the classic Italian style.

A collection with soft, romantic lines that takes us back to neoclassical atmospheres with a touch of art deco that embellishes the details with friezes and arabesques.

Design and fine materials remain the hallmarks of Arredoclassic’s production and are the common element across the collections, but the furnishings in the Melodia line can be recognised by their harmonious combination of volumetric solutions and decorative patterns.


Everything in the dining room from the Melodia collection is in perfect chromatic and stylistic harmony…


The Melodia collection offers solutions to customise your living room which can be enriched with the value of capitonnè upholstery…


The sweet and gently curves of the Melodia collection make it the perfect setting for your dreams…


Ensuring that the work and study station respects the elegant and refined atmosphere of the other rooms in your house is the new challenge for Arredoclassic…

Melodia: the harmonic charm of

luxury Italian furniture

The Melodia collection best represents Arredoclassic’s innovative trends. Here the designers always careful to incorporate external input yet respectful of the furniture tradition that has made classic Italian style great, have best expressed their ability to innovate without distorting.

Melodia is a furniture collection in the neoclassical style, revamped with gilded friezes and arabesques in the art deco style, soft lines and strong volumes.

In a home furnished with Melodia furniture, everything is harmonious, refined and extremely welcoming, relaxing and functional.

In particular, the collection is characterised by:

• Curved shapes and clean finishes that give balance to every piece of furniture

• Warm, welcoming colours such as beige, ivory and precious gilded friezes

Luxurious art deco details

Silk brocade upholstery, capitonné inserts and prestigious fabrics

Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture


Innovation in the Melodia collection is not limited to the aesthetics but also to the functional new elements, added to the historical Arredoclassic designs to make every aspect of your living space unique, elegant and capable of meeting your needs and wishes.

Even when experimenting with new volumes, the Melodia furnishing elements remain refined and intense, without ever losing their harmony and underlying character as Italian tradition teaches.

Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture
Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture

Melodia Dining room

The colour palette of the living room is neutral, featuring muted colours dotted by gilded details that embellish the fabrics, frames and feet of the furniture.

The backrest and seat of a Melodia dining room are embellished with elegant upholstered silk brocade, a clear reference to the noble salons of the Renaissance era.

The great protagonist is the table, characterised by sinuous lines, two large columns at the base and delicate silk-screen printing on the surface.

Melodia Living room

Rooms furnished with the Melodia line create a refined, elegant and harmonious whole, but they also stand out to bestow to each roomthe right touch of customised individuality.

The Melodia living room is a celebration of chromatic and stylistic harmony.

Soft, rounded lines and precious capitonné work define the collection’s sofas and armchairs. Luxury, handcrafted fabrics by skilled hands create wonderful aesthetics that promote relaxation and conviviality.

Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture
Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture

Melodia Bedroom

Moving on to the bedroom, the colours remain light and ivory but the lines become more solid, albeit softened by the gilded touches on each element.

The clear chromatic continuity is interrupted by gilded frames and friezes in art deco style to embellish even more.

Melodia Studio

The last area of the home that you can furnish with the Melodia collection is finally the den, the perfect room for important business meetings.

Here functionality and storage are elegantly and skilfully combined in elegant furniture pieces in line with the colours of the collection.

Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture

Made in Italy manufacturing quality

At Arredoclassic, tradition and Made in Italy manufacturing create extraordinary pieces of furniture, where quality is ever present:

• In the drawing and design of the furniture

• In the manufacturing from certified chain 100% Made in Italy

• In the care and attention given to the relationship with the customer every step of the way to be able to understand their needs, expectations and wishes.

Melodia is the collection designed for those who wish to bestow a classic yet cosy and harmonious look to the environments in their home with precious yet discreet touches and functional furnishing elements for everyday needs.

Melodia Collection - Classical Italian furniture