The Liberty collection embodies everything you may have ever dreamed of in your home: bright, elegant and always ready to amaze by revealing charming details, such as the handles that remind of a square spiral, a memory of noble and antique friezes.

The marbled finish in creamy tones matches the elegant silver frames, warmed up by a few touches of gilded leaf decorations. Simple, graceful lines make up the basic design of the collection, which is embellished with new luminous touches each time. Luxury and harmony in the rooms make your home the perfect place to make your dreams come true.

Classic style never goes out of fashion and can conquer anyone thanks to its harmonious, balanced and essential symmetries.In a collection such as Art Nouveau, Arredoclassic has decided to reinterpret this style by adding that touch of modernity that has made the company famous throughout the world.

Our quality that can meet the most elegant and refined tastes, through luxury solutions that always bring out innovative ideas that never betray the concept of beauty that defines the classic style.


The Liberty dining room is a class apart: a clear and clean light glistens over the glossy surfaces, finely decorated with geometric detail…


The mellow lines of the sofa seating perfectly combine with the core geometries of the wall accessories and low tables in a harmonious balance with irrefutable charm…


The Liberty Bedroom recalls a neoclassic ambience – a neoclassicism in the vein of ancient models from Greek and Roman traditions. Elegant frames with geometric work…

Liberty Collection: Harmony and practicality

The Liberty collection is defined by its details of great value.

This can be seen, for example, in the practical pull-out shelf with decorative mirror in the bedroom.

Each piece of furniture has amazing details, such as the gilded leaf carefully applied by our craftsmen on each frieze and capital of the furniture, which are then polished and protected by a glossy finish that gives durability over the years.

The fabrics or leathers in this collection are handcrafted and it is up to you to choose from our sample book the one that inspires you the most, thus making the room unique and personalised to your wishes.


Liberty Collection - Italian Luxury Collection Arredoclassic

Arredoclassic employs master upholsterers who create a product of the highest quality that will add elegance to your environment.

Choosing furniture made in Italy means relying on furniture created with the most prestigious materials.

The choice of colours, ranging from neutral to muted, creates an essential yet refined room, thanks also to the harmony that the individual elements bestow.

Liberty Collection - Italian Luxury Collection Arredoclassic

Liberty Dining Room

Stepping into an Liberty dining room means entering a bright environment that highlights the shiny surfaces decorated with geometrically shaped frames.

In this environment, every detail plays a key role.

Inspired by the friezes of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the details and finishes make the room look more noble and sophisticated.

Liberty Collection - Italian Luxury Collection Arredoclassic
Liberty Collection - Italian Luxury Collection Arredoclassic

Liberty Parlour

A Liberty collection Parlour will embrace you in its ivory and gilded colours and motifs.

Elegance originates from the combination of shapes and lines such as the gilded friezes adorning the furniture or the gilded and silver leaf details offering a precious touch to curved armchairs and sofas.

Liberty Bedroom

The Liberty bedroom is a tribute to the neoclassical style that will make you feel, the king and queen of your space thanks to its sumptuousness.

In this bedroom, one can admire details reminiscent of Greek tradition and decorations reflecting the attention to detail of Made in Italy.

All the furniture in the Liberty collection is functional, versatile and elegant.

Square profiles with precious gilded leaf decorations and silver frames are all features that bestow to this bedroom timeless beauty.

Liberty Collection - Italian Luxury Collection Arredoclassic

A tradition of quality and Made in Italy

Arredoclassic creates refined and elegant products that are exclusively Made in Italy. Although the market is evolving rapidly, the company has always been able to seize opportunities, combining experience and innovation.

Each collection conveys research in design, prestige and elegance, allowing you and your guests to relax in an intimate and cosy atmosphere. All thanks to a combination of styles that manage to offer a harmonious effect.

The design of Arredoclassic’s collections succeeds in recreating the noble and refined atmosphere of Roman patrician villas or Italian Renaissance ones.

It is specifically the Italian spirit that is one of the important elements for our company, where tradition and innovation come together to create a design that is born, grows and develops through a manufacturing process that is 100% certified Made in Italy.

Arredoclassic solutions are prestigious and high-end and, although they vary in design and style, in a continuous succession of new ideas, they remain faithful the elegance of the classic style.

Liberty Collection - Italian Luxury Collection Arredoclassic