The Leonardo collection is inspired by the history of Arredoclassic, with references to its hallmark lines to create new approaches and explore new architectural possibilities, to make ideas blossom.

Leonardo has evolved respect to the aesthetics that have made Italian style furniture great in the world, creating through the careful study of materials and fabrics, new volumes that coordinate well with the environments telling tales of everyday beauty. Each of the elements in this collection offer utmost classic elegance combined with contemporary rationality thus creating a room that balances both decoration and proportions.

The Leonardo collection is created so that all the elements that have made the Arredoclassic brand recognisable across the world could evolve by creating new games of volumes with special attention paid to the fabrics, finishes and noble quality materials.


The dining room from the Leonardo collection captures the gilt reflections to arouse intense emotions. Furnishings designed to give you and your guests the pleasure of passing time…


Variety of volume and the search for different depths are the features which make the Leonardo living room accessories unique. The classical style which blends contemporary volumes…


The Leonardo bedroom welcomes you with its sense of harmony and splendour. Everything has been studied to the last detail to guarantee a room which exudes great charm…

Leonardo Collection:

The Charm of the Past

The Leonardo collection was created to tell the story of a lifestyle in constant pursuit of elegance with its gilded decorations, gold-leafed selvedges and frames.

That same elegance that becomes reality every time you step into a room furnished with Arredoclassic furniture.

Each element of the collection is embellished by unique details that, thanks to the strong yet always balanced lines that enhance its character, create an always harmonious composition.


Leonardo Collection - Made In Italy Furniture


In the living areas, such as the living room or parlour, brightness is ensured by the shiny, delicate surfaces, but also by the transparency of glass and gilded details that offer shining touches.

Also not to be forgotten are the beige and gilded fabrics that envelop the sinuous shapes of the sofas to welcome guests in a warm embrace.

Indeed, the seats are very cosy and their structure with a precious base reminds of the motifs of great past civilisations.

To embellish the whole, it is possible to add details in gilded leaf which reconnects to the noblest tradition of artistic furniture.

Leonardo Collection - Made In Italy Furniture

Leonardo Dining Room

Stepping in a Leonardo dining room means entering into a room that is shiny with gilded decorations, and embellished with delicate reflections that give a feeling of cosiness.

Italian furniture is designed to let you spend time immersed in style and in close contact with ideas and creative craftsmanship.

This living room is designed to give you the opportunity to indulge in all the luxury of your dreams.

Leonardo Collection - Made In Italy Furniture
Leonardo Collection - Made In Italy Furniture

Leonardo Parlour

You only have to look once at the Leonardo parlour to understand how much every detail bestows the unmistakable character of this collection.

Once again, there is no shortage of gilded details highlighting the contours of the furniture and tables, while the sofas are embraced by beige and gilded fabric.

Leonardo Bedroom

The Leonardo bedroom will immerse you in an environment boasting square lines, typical of the neoclassical style, that perfectly match the slender structure and gilded decorations. This, together with the beige colour of the surfaces, will add warmth to the room.

The furnishing decorations are recurrent to provide a sense of continuity that is typical of the classical style.

On the outer corners of the decorations, on the sides of the mirror or along the headboard of the bed are delicate gilded touches.

Leonardo Collection - Made In Italy Furniture

Made in Italy Classic Furniture

Everyone who chooses to furnish a room with classical furniture must be able to recognise his or her personality in every corner.

This is why Arredoclassic furniture leaves an unmistakable mark in every environmentenriching it with precious decorations and finishes that make each solution an experience to be lived in full.

We take variations in preferences from the market and your own into high consideration: our designers, when creating a new collection, use a refined and prestigious style which makes it possible to create elegant products with attention to detail.

Arredoclassic boasts the “100% Made in Italy” certification which is the certification that the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products assigns to companies to guarantee that their entire manufacturing cycle takes place exclusively in Italy.

Our entire manufacturing chain originates in the heart of one of the most important centres in the furniture industry in Italy: the Pesaro area.

Leonardo Collection - Made In Italy Furniture