Fantasia brings back the harmony and elegance of neoclassical lines, translating the majestic atmosphere of the Empire style into a contemporary way.

The design proportionally balances Greek and Roman influences, generating soft, sinuous volumes.

Elegant decorated frames and marble surfaces combine in a refined synergy that is the result of Arredoclassic’s 100% Made in Italy work.


In the Fantasia dining room, modernity merges with the antique grace of neoclassic styling touches, evident in the furnishings that compose it…


Contemporary style and classic lines are the masters here, creating an apparently contrasting combination inside the Fantasia living room furniture…


Structural lines essential and marble surfaces give life to a unique and exclusive design inside the Fantasia bedroom…

The neoclassical style of the

Fantasia Collection

The Neoclassical style began to emerge around the 18th century when the first excavations in the area of Pompeii brought a complete revolution in both architecture and interior design.

Therefore, the need to find a new meaning to the modern era, looking back to the past. The style became widespread in the 20th century, when details that directly referred to Roman and Greek culture started to be included.

The style’s main characteristics are:

• Lightness

• Elegance

• Straight lines

• Noble materials

• Gold or bronze details and finishes

If you are looking for a style that offers continuity between past and present, the neoclassical style of the Fantasia Collection is definitely for you.

Fantasia Collection - Harmonius and Elegant Furniture

This collection features vintage elements combined with modern ones, characterised by simple lines that create a luxury atmosphere.

The neoclassical style of the Fantasia Collection makes classical design much more flexible and less heavy, creating a comfortable and functional environment.

Furniture with decorated frames or gold leaf decorations characterise the room bestowing lightness and elegance.

Elegance between modern and neoclassical styles

In the Fantasia collection, the modern world meets the ancient one with neoclassical touches that are particularly clear in the furnishings.

In the living room, the large mirror and the showcase increase the brightness of the room, also enhanced by the spotlights and wall lights arranged on different levels.

The Neoclassical Style offered by the Fantasia collection combines classically inspired aesthetics with the Empire style and adapts it to modern spaces.

The furniture pieces part of the collection are made of high quality materials to offer the utmost elegance provided also by the symmetrical and organised arrangement.

Light and space are two of the key elements that make Fantasia a collection that will always provide you ideal comfort.

Fantasia Collection - Harmonius and Elegant Furniture
Fantasia Collection - Harmonius and Elegant Furniture

Fantasia Empire-style

Dining Room

The Fantasia dining room is reminiscent of the ancient world, thanks to its neoclassical style finishes repeated across the furniture pieces.

The curves match well with the room lines in a decorative approach where elements such as the display case and mirror enhance the brightness of the space.

Fantasia Empire-style

Living room

The Fantasia Collection parlour seamlessly combines the most classic and contemporary styles in a composition that enhances neoclassical design.

Rectangular tables and display cabinets blend with the rounded curves of the sofas and armchairs, creating a balance of space that expresses pure elegance.

Fantasia Collection - Harmonius and Elegant Furniture
Fantasia Collection - Harmonius and Elegant Furniture

Fantasia Empire-style


The marble tops of the Fantasia bedroom boost the details of the materials used to highlight the cross between classic and modern styles.

The decorations feature a double “F” as a leitmotif that bestows personality and elegance to the room.

The furnishing of the space offers elegant elements side by side with more practical ones.

The quality of classic Italian furniture

Fantasia, like all the Arredoclassic Collections is certified “100% Made in Italy”.

Arredoclassic is a company that takes great care in emphasising the Italian personality of its creations, manufactured entirely in the Pesaro area, a reference point in the field of interior design for more than 40 years.

We devote many hours to study and research to provide the quality details that add value to our products.

At Arredoclassic, nothing is left to chance and in the collections every element is designed for your personal luxury.

We pay attention to detail to design environments that are stand out in form as much as they do in substance.

Fantasia Collection - Harmonius and Elegant Furniture