Donatello is the Arredoclassic collection that embodies all the Renaissance decorations with exquisite classical taste, thanks to the friezes and embellishments that characterise each piece of furniture.

A furniture collection that meets the needs and wishes of those who know, appreciate and seek the luxury of true Italian handcrafted furniture to furnish their homes. The decorative richness is skilfully balanced with the use of just two finishes, dark walnut and gold, a combination of colours with timeless appeal that further enhances the elegance and indelible beauty of each furniture component.

Donatello is the perfect Arredoclassic collection to make your own home unique, full of luxury and elegance, a place to welcome guests, friends and family with pleasure.


The dining room from the Donatello collection has been conceived as a place of absolute beauty, perfect for celebrating the art of good living and hospitality so important to the charm of Italian culture…


The pen behind the design of the Donatello collection never seems to leave the page. The dynamism of the sinuous elegant lines of the moulding and gilt decoration permeate…


The bedroom from the Donatello collection stands as a reference point for those in search of a luxurious environment, and which regardless of the wealth of decorative detailing…

Donatello Collection: Timeless Design

An Arredoclassic piece of furniture does not only mean attention to detail and a careful choice of materials, but also the embodiment of all the historical professionalism that only the Italian furniture tradition can guarantee.

Therefore, it is easy to recognise Arredoclassic furniture for those who are familiar with the Italian art of furnishing-making and know that a piece of furniture produced in Italy, with Italian products and using high-quality materials can only be the crowning dream of any neoclassical furnishing style enthusiast.

To manufacturing quality that only Italian craftsmanship can bestow, Arredoclassic combines careful and timely customer service, from the selection of individual elements and their customisable upholstery to the after-sales service.

Donatello Collection - Classical Renaissance Style Furniture

Designer furniture and Italian style

Italian furniture stands out immediately. This is because it is conceived, designed and manufactured by those who live immersed in beauty and good taste every day.

The designers with whom Arredoclassic collaborates to create their furniture collections such as Donatello, are committed to classical beauty, keen observers of the world and sensitive to the innovative trends.

This makes Arredoclassic’s neo-classical furniture always new but, at the same time, recognisable in its Italian classic style.

100% Made in Italy certification

The concept of Made in Italy when it comes to furniture is faithfully and carefully respected by Arredoclassic.

In fact, every stage of the manufacturing takes place in Italy, particularly in the heart of Pesaro, one of the most historical and prolific furniture districts in the country.

The focus on Italian style, not only in the manufacturing process but also in the concept and design, as well as in the choice of raw materials, has earned Arredoclassic the prestigious 100% Made in Italy certification.

A label that the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products assigns to companies that carry out their entire manufacturing cycle in Italy.

Donatello Collection - Classical Renaissance Style Furniture

The beauty of the Donatello Dining Room

The dining room is the place of conviviality par excellence, and in a Donatello dining room this will be accompanied by timeless beauty.

Each furnishing element is embellished with gilded friezes and decorations that emphasise the preciousness of the collection, while the semi-gloss surfaces highlight the quality of the raw materials used.

The dining room chairs have light-coloured upholstery in damask velvet and are embellished with gilded leaf inlays.

As with the other Arredoclassic collections, upholstery fabrics can be customised

Donatello Collection - Classical Renaissance Style Furniture
Donatello Collection - Classical Renaissance Style Furniture

The wealth of the Donatello Living Room

To find oneself in a Donatello living room means breathing in the wealth and elegance of Italian Renaissance.

Classically styled furniture pieces in walnut finish are counterbalanced by gilded leaf decorations that define the profiles with soft luminosity.

The undisputed protagonists of this room remain the Donatello armchairs and sofas, unmistakable for the velvet-textured damask upholstery and light colour and embellished with gold leaf inlays, reminding of those of the dining room chairs.

A contrast of light and dark between the furniture elements enhances beauty.

The gaze of those who are welcomed into a Donatello living room will be enchanted and rewarded by the beauty that surrounds them.

The charm of the Donatello Bedroom

In a Donatello bedroom nothing is left to chance: every detail is carefully created to provide harmony and timeless charm.

The classic shades of dark walnut characterising all the furniture components in the collection are complemented by large mirrors and gilded finishes that define the curved contours of each piece of furniture, lending brightness, royalty and a precious touch.

The headboard of the bed is further embellished by a golden oval frieze that stands in the middle further highlighting the luxury of the room.

Donatello Collection - Classical Renaissance Style Furniture

Traditional furniture quality

Furnishing one’s home with the Donatello collection means surrounding oneself with all that beauty that classical renaissance style can bestow.

A refined and timeless classic style capable of renewing itself thanks to the creativity of designers, while remaining true to its spirit.

The use of raw materials of unquestionable quality and the all-Italian imagination in the taste of decoration make this collection unique.

The rooms furnished with Donatello are warm and cosy thanks to the shades of walnut made bright and harmonious by the curved details in gilded leaf.

Donatello Collection - Classical Renaissance Style Furniture