Formal Brightness

The sparkle of a detail, designed to illuminate and enhance one of our pieces of furniture, must stand the test of time. Arredoclassic uses advanced technology to protect the durability of its finishes, thus ensuring its products offer long lifespans.

The finish described by our staff as “high glossy”, which is often a feature in pieces from our collections, such as the Raffaello, Liberty,Leonardo and Melodia collections, is the result of years of experience in manufacturing furnishings. It is a bright, stable finish that never lacks consistency and quality; a formal solution that is both functional and beautiful.

UV lacquering also produces a bright and shiny finish for surfaces and decorative elements. It fixes and stabilises the material properties of our products, protecting the vibrancy and allure of the beautiful, original and never predictable details and finishes so they remain unaltered over time.