Upholstered Beds "Sinfonia"

Upholstered Beds

The Importance of Contrasts

The restrained and clean elegance of the soft padding of the headboard makes way for the gold mounts to unleash all their creative potential. The balanced lines of the padded finish are in perfect counterpoint to the sinuous curves of the decorative system enhancing not only the headboard but also the supports, elegantly raising the base of the bed from the floor in an elegant and robust gesture.

Product Information Upholstered Beds Sinfonia

DescriptionWidthLengthHeightMattress/Frame Size
Italian Size Upholstered Bedcm. 194cm. 214cm. 145cm. 160x190/200
Queen Size Upholstered Bedcm. 194cm. 225cm. 145cm. 160x190/200
King Size Upholstered Bedcm. 232cm. 225cm. 145cm. 180/200x200