Sofas "Modigliani"


The Luxury of Comfort

Our Modigliani sofas feature graceful, curved lines, generated by soft, fluid shapes and framed by wooden inserts. Precious fabrics create a refined play on textures and materials, completing the item’s aesthetic appearance while also helping to provide comfort. These are cosy, elegant sofas thanks to their curved, comfortable shape. Available as a two or three-seater, both solutions can also be turned into a comfortable sofa bed.

Product Information Sofas Modigliani

Description Width Depth Height
3/seats sofa cm. 248 cm. 98 cm. 92
2/seats sofa cm. 200 cm. 98 cm. 92
Armchair cm. 123 cm. 105 cm. 92
3 seats sofa with bed cm. 248 cm. 238 cm. 92
2 seats sofa with bed cm. 200 cm. 238 cm. 92