Corner Sofa "Tiziano"

Corner Sofa

Golden Dynamism

The elegant dynamism of the lines from the Tiziano sofas are revisited in all their beauty for the corner solutions. The headrests of the seating are worked with refined golden finials, a delightful decorative feature which runs along the edges of your sofa, customised and modular to suit your needs. The gilt frame of the vibrant symbol delineates the base with elegance adding an exquisite touch. Spacious and comfortable, the Tiziano corner sofa is the king of your living area.

Product Information Corner Sofa Tiziano

3/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 167cm. 90cm. 108
2/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 127cm. 90cm. 106
Armchair without Armscm. 67cm. 90cm. 103
Corner Elementcm. 110cm. 110cm. 107
Set of Armscm. 34cm. 81cm. 86