As a symbol of rebirth and vitality, spring conquers us with the quivering energy of its colors: the blue of the sky, the emerald green of the parks, the contrasts of bright flowers. Even inside the house, how can you resist decorating the dining room table with a fragrant bouquet of roses?
The skill lies in choosing a color that harmonizes with the furniture, but without vanishing. If you’re feeling creative, you can dare with a firmer and more determined tone. Romantic lisianthus, sophisticated orchids, fresh tulips… you just need to choose the right mood, because flowers, such as design, tell us something about ourselves. The collection Tiziano is perfect for releasing your imagination and express a very personal taste.

Color notes on the collection Tiziano

With its delicate pastel shades, Tiziano gives brightness to the room, matching perfectly with any touch of color. A vase of flowers, but also a precious accessory, a painting or new wallpaper: every touch of style will be even more enhanced by the frames in varnished silver leaf or screen prints that decorate the surfaces.

Some practical ideas…

To create a harmonious composition with good taste, it is important to follow a few simple steps. The result will be perfect!
Discover all the great advices of the expert in this video and get inspired.