<<<<\As part of the EU funding scheme “POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – Regione Marche, Axis 3 – OS 8 – Action 8.1 – SOSTEGNO ALLA REALIZZAZIONE E COMMERCIALIZZAZIONE DI COLLEZIONI INNOVATIVE NEI SETTORI DEL MADE IN ITALY”- Bando 2016”, Arredoclassic SRL has been selected with the project

The project involves the launching of a new brand called ADORA, a new luxury furniture collection with contemporary lines that cater to a new target market: younger, more elegant and more refined.
The project initially envisages the prototyping of living room furniture, including upholsteries and accessories. Subsequently, and based on the market’s reaction, the company plans to complete the collection with sleeping room products.

The final goal is to offer a new product collection, alongside the current production of classic furniture, in markets where the company is already operating at a commercial and/or distribution level, in order to achieve a better market position while expanding the range of possible target customers.

This output will absorb the company’s entire investment in the project, which will introduce major changes not only from a product point of view (with the introduction of a new line of parts and new materials never used in the furniture industry before) and from an organizational point of view (with the introduction of a new CRM release), but most importantly from a commercial point of view, by launching the company’s digitization process and the implementation of new ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) systems. We are referring to specific tags – such as QR and NFC – which will make the products available to end customer on mobile devices. This ‘bridge’ will provide a new product experience focusing on the development of new services such as product tracking, customer service and entertainment.

The total investment cost of this innovation project (both product- and process-wise) is estimated at about €130,000 for third party services and consulting, plus €21,400 for capital goods and software (total amount), for which the company has requested and obtained a contribution of €96,841.00