Arredoclassic Showroom - Akniet, Kazakhstan

2 December 2016

Arredoclassic is proud to present the renovated showroom of our retailer Akniet, located at Ul Raymbeka 92, Ul Tulebaeva District - Kazakhstan.

The exhibition space is elegantly furnished with all the Collections of Arredoclassic such as Sinfonia, Melodia and Donatello, that are exposed in approximately 350/400 sq. meters of display area.

Akniet, our exclusive dealer in Kazakhstan, strongly beliefs in the classical style of elegance and prestige of our collections and is one of our best partners since more than 20 years now.

Arredoclassic has proved its innovative and international character also in this occasion, maintaining a special place in the exportation of the classical Made in Italy style, expanding more and more its presence in the East-european market.

Akniet Showroom