Fulgini Contract is the new partner company of Arredoclassic, founded in 2018.

This new company is an Interior General Contractor with the main aim of providing an all-round customised furnishing service that can accompany the customer at every stage of their “turnkey” projects.

Fulgini Contract works in interior design projects for homes, villas, hotels, restaurants and accommodation facilities, guaranteeing quality products with the utmost efficiency and professionalism, at all times.

The company has already had the opportunity to create luxury furnishing projects in different parts of the world, satisfying the technical and style needs of every customer, from project analysis through to the creation of mood boards and then on to rendering and project development.

From luxury hospitality to private homes, the interior designs by Fulgini Contract stand out for their attention to detail and refined aesthetic, factors that are the key to Italian taste when it comes to furnishing.

For more information, details and the latest news, please contact us at info@fulginicontract.com.