Classic Living Room

Every room in your home should have an intimate and unique atmosphere that communicates your style and how you live to your guests. Every decorative detail and item of furniture should mirror your tastes and lifestyle.

Every space should feature personalised furnishing compositions that have been curated down to the smallest details, with the ultimate aim of sending a clear message about style and hospitality to your guests.

That’s why your living room is the perfect place to make a style statement.

Welcoming friends and guests to your living room – as well as your friendly and comfortable home in general – is a unique opportunity to create a visual and emotional experience.

In fact, when it comes to welcoming visitors to your home, your living room essentially acts as business card – i.e. a place that represents you – which is why it’s important to create a classy and refined feel.

When it comes to design your living room, the details are just as important as the items of furniture themselves. That’s why opting for a classic style or contemporary design will give your living room a touch of personality, creating a space with excellent aesthetics.

To enhance the design of your living room, we recommend to follow our 10 practical and personalised style tips. By doing so, your interior design project will exude the classic or contemporary charm you’ve been hoping to create.

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10 tips for furnishing your living room with a classic or contemporary style

Below there are 10 useful tips on how to furnish your living room in a luxury style. Follow our tips and you’ll be guaranteed to achieve excellent results:

1. Dress sofas and armchairs in fine fabrics

If you’re looking to create a welcoming and sophisticated space, think about opting for sofas and armchairs upholstered in fine fabrics, such as velvet, satin, damask silk or lampas. Soft furnishings with luxurious and unusual textures will give your living room a whole new feel.

Check out Arredoclassic’s wide range of fabrics for sofas and armchairs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fabrics out there for those looking to create a unique and luxurious atmosphere:


A uniformly woven fabric, satin is extremely shiny and smooth to the touch. Satin embellished with gold embroidery exudes eternal neoclassical elegance.


A high-quality decorative fabric, brocade has a smooth and textured underside with a complex texture, as well as additional inlays and threads that are used to create unique and picturesque designs and embroidery. This fabric is always the result of excellent workmanship and is guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention.


Damask fabric is characterised by its shine, which is why it’s often confused with satin. It is also a reversible fabric, with two identical embroidered sides featuring contrasting colours.


Lampas is similar to brocade, but easily recognisable due to its unembroidered side featuring a net of tangled threads. This particular fabric is fairly complicated to produce as it involves two warps and numerous wefts.


A soft caress on the hand, with iridescent reflections and bright colours, Velvet perfectly encapsulates classic interior design style.


2. Add accent pillows made from quality materials

Add accent cushions to complete your overall sofa or armchair look. When it comes to choose the right cushions for you, go for ones that match the concept you’ve chosen for the rest of your living room. First of all, choose a colour – try opting for shades of white, beige or brown.

Secondly, go for cushions with an elegant and refined shape. Finally, make sure to choose well-made, quality fabrics.

arredoclassic melodia salotto tavoli frontale

3. Opt for decorative lamps made from clear, frosted or satin glass

Decorative lighting plays a key role in any space, including your living room. Adorn your side tables with appliqué or classic style lamps made from clear, frosted or satin glass and finished with gold or silver flowers.

This transparent material will subtly filter out the light, giving the room an intimate and peaceful feel with bright points of accent lighting.

arredoclassic tiziano salotto divano porta tv

4. Add porcelain furnishing accessories

To add a refined feeling to your living room, choose porcelain accessories that match your chosen colour palette in order to compliment the space.

Play with colours, striking contrasts and seductive lustre by placing porcelain items – such as elegant servers, dishes and ceramic vases – on tables, items of furniture and along the walls.

arredoclassic tiziano salotto divano angolare

5. Lay decorative rugs or a layer of soft carpet

Embarking on a successful interior design project involves paying attention to the smallest details and making sure that every accessory and piece of furniture can enrich the overall space.

In order to personalise your living room and make it as cosy as possible, think about adding a few decorative rugs or a layer of soft carpet. These particular features will add comfort and elegance to your home, becoming the undisputed protagonists of style in any living room.

In order to choose the option that best suits your aesthetic and comfort needs, we recommend reading up on the various types of carpets and rugs suitable for these styles. Here are a few potential options:

Tufted rugs

Tufted rugs are made from a fabric base which is then knotted with natural or artificial fibres. There are various types of tufted carpets and rugs on the market, depending on the creation process involved.

Pakistani rugs

Pakistani rugs are characterised by wool processing and a high knot density. They are made using an open knot technique that results in changing colour tones. Traditional Pakistani rugs tend to be red.

Chinese rugs

Chinese rugs either involve traditional workmanship or more recent production techniques. Traditional rugs are fairly thick, due to the presence of larger knots.

Modern rugs tend to be knotted using an asymmetric technique. Traditional Chinese rugs feature religious symbols, while new rugs tend to feature floral decorations and cutwork that gives them a three-dimensional feel.

Persian rugs

Persian rugs tend to derive their names from the places where they are made. For example, Hamadan rugs or Nain rugs, to name a few.

The main feature that distinguishes Persian rugs is the process of hand knotting fabric, as well as the large number of knots in general. Persian rugs also tend to feature a distinctive central medallion.

As for carpets, there are two particularly valuable options to choose from:


This type of carpet has a soft and comfortable texture, suitable for living rooms and hallways.


Soft and velvety, this is perhaps the best type of carpet to go for. Suitable for open spaces and rooms where you entertain guests.

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6.   Hang a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling

With the right decorative feel, lighting can also give the space an alluring touch. Opt for a chandelier with crystal pendants or jewels and hang it in the middle of the ceiling.

The combination of the light with the elegant chandelier itself will immediately create an opulent and sumptuous living room atmosphere.

arredoclassic liberty salotto divano composizione tv

7. Adorn windows with elegant decorative curtains

In order to make the entire space aesthetically attractive, it is necessary to focus on the windows too.

Consider hanging elegant decorative curtains. Opt for ornate or fine fabrics such as linen, cotton, brocade, damask, velvet or lampas.

Curtains will enhance the overall space and complete your living room look.


8. Decorate walls with paintings and ornate mirrors

Make sure to include a few landscape paintings, portraits and tempera paintings.

Mirrors are also essential for any living room space. Opt for mirrors made from glass or wood, with a gold leaf or antiqued silver frame, in various shades such as ivory, walnut or elm.

Every single element will give your living room a feeling of completeness.

arredoclassic tiziano salotto divano angolare frontale

9. Fill empty spaces with hand-crafted ottomans/poufs

Place luxurious hand-crafted ottomans/poufs in empty spaces in your living room in order to make the whole environment more welcoming.

Opt for comfortable pieces but don’t sacrifice elegant visual appeal. Choose items covered in satin, velvet or silk, finished with quilted fabric, as well as cord, tassels and gold or silver embroidery.


10. Choose classic or contemporary wallpaper

The atmosphere in a room is primarily determined by the walls, and more specifically by the décor, which enhances the space’s overall character.

That’s why it’s important to give your living room a new look by putting up some wallpaper. Select the motif that best suits the rest of the space: choose between geometric and linear themes, or curved motifs and baroque arabesques.

Now that you’ve read up on our interior design tips, why not take a look at our Arredoclassic and Adora collections, two brands that ooze class and contemporary style. Every item of furniture is guaranteed to add value to any living room space.

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How to give your living room a new personality with the Arredoclassic and Adora collections

The Arredoclassic and Adora furniture collections were designed to satisfy the aesthetic needs of our most discerning customers, offering personalised classic and contemporary furnishing pieces.

Our Arredoclassic Collections express a shared sense of value based on classical canons, while our Adora Collections, as equally sophisticated and refined, move in a different stylistic direction devoted to a more contemporary feel.

Both collections are however perfect for decorating your home. Arredoclassic and Adora ooze class, adorning your home with the perfect balance of splendour and elegance, while also satisfying your aesthetic tastes (as well as those of your guests).

Classic and contemporary style is showcased in a number of different pieces included in the Arredoclassic and Adora collections, which go down unusual, unexpected and exciting new avenues of expression.


Choose the Arredoclassic collection for a classic living room style

The Arredoclassic Collection responds to the canons of classic Italian style in all its shapes and forms. From Renaissance charm to art deco, from neoclassical style to a more romantic feel. It’s completely up to you: create the atmosphere you want by choosing pieces from our classic furniture range.


Liberty: the essence of neoclassical taste

With our Liberty Collection, your living room will come to life with bright ivory and golden reflections. Golden Greek motifs adorn this collection, with its sharp lines, while gold and silver fabrics add a precious touch to our curved sofa range. Shapes and decorative details are perfectly balanced to create a unique feeling.


Donatello and the majesty of Renaissance style

The Donatello Collection will enrich your living room’s potential with the seductive golden shimmer of gold leaf and deep shades of walnut. For a room where you can breathe in Renaissance air and enjoy a refined finish.


Fantasia: neoclassical-inspired furniture

Weaving stylistically between classic and contemporary style, the Fantasia Collection evokes neoclassical beauty. Square tables, display cases and curved sofas and armchairs create shapes and perspectives that captivate the mind and ooze innate elegance.

arredoclassic tiziano salotto divano porta tv

Romantic atmospheres with the Tiziano collection

If you’re looking to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere in your living room, choose the Tiziano Collection, with curved pieces adorned with ivory and silver details.


Warm tones with a Baroque feel: meet Sinfonia

If you prefer golden notes and warm mahogany tones, we recommend the “Sinfonia” Collection for a space with a baroque feel, gracefully designed and rich in intricate details.


The perfect neoclassical living room with our Melodia furniture range

Warm beige tones and golden friezes will turn your living room into a treasure trove of precious furnishings. Every item in the Melodia Collection embraces the same stylistic concept, blending rounded shapes with a sharp finish for a more streamlined look.


The Leonardo Collection: the beauty of neoclassical charm

This fine collection is all about sophisticated furnishings. Precious flashes of gold enhance larger items of furniture and coffee tables, while beige and gold coloured fabrics are draped over curved sofas, which welcome guests into a sweet embrace.

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Contemporary style: the elegance of Adora in your living room

Our Adora collections reinterpret luxury and elegance through sharp, essential lines, as well as fine details and finishes that are devoted to a clean cut style, thus responding to more modern stylistic needs.

The Diamante and Sipario collections are designed for living rooms with stylistic roots in contemporary design, giving spaces a new look.


Diamante: the splendour of contemporary style

The items of furniture in this collection boast strong shapes that are reminiscent of precious stones. Each individual detail shines, providing a touch of class.

Diamante sofas and armchairs combine design with comfort. Velvety fabrics offer unmistakable softness, while vertical quilting creates slender backrest profiles for a harmonious overall look. Golden inserts glide along curved armrests, further enhancing their shape.

This particular collection boasts distinctive features expressed through various items of furniture: perfect elm finished frames, golden triangles and star-shaped diamonds. At the base of the display unit you’ll find four geometric legs with a gold chrome finish, a sophisticated note that completes the item’s overall look.


Say hello to elegance with the Sipario collection

Eclectic contemporary style permeates every item of furniture in the Sipario Collection, which shines in all its beauty. Soft “Sipario” sofas unite to create strong shapes. Larger items of furniture and tables are adorned with lozenge-like textures that create a play on light and depth, with great visual impact.

The colour palette in this particular collection includes white, purple and dark blue, which you’ll find featured on the chaise longue, sofa and armchairs, blending perfectly with intricate golden details to create a distinctive look. The Adora collection wears these particular colours, but you can also combine it with other shades and colours.

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arredoclassic donatello salotto set divani composizione tv

Where to position your furniture: five tips

Once you have selected the right furniture for your living room, it’s time to start thinking about where to position it. Placing furniture in the right space will make your living room look larger, brighter and more elegant.

Here are six useful tips for creating a functional and sophisticated layout:

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    Determine the room’s focal point: in order to determine the focal point, you need to think about your daily habits and how you actually use the space. A potential focal point could be: a fireplace, an item of comfortable furniture, such as a sofa, a bookcase if you like to read in your free time, or a TV cabinet, if you prefer to unwind while watching TV programmes or documentaries.
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    Measure the space: this step is vital if you want to choose the right items of furniture, accessories and lighting solutions for your living room. Ceiling height, wall length and the room’s overall size are the main measurements you need to take in order to correctly position each item of furniture.
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    Place the remaining items of furniture around the focal point: make sure that side tables and ottomans/poufs are gathered around the focal point, so that the final layout results in a sense of order and balance.
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    Avoid placing furniture against the walls: besides TV furniture and bookcases, we recommend placing the remaining furnishing accessories away from the walls. Somewhat surprisingly, placing furniture against the wall can make rooms look narrower and less lived in.
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    Play with various sizes and textures, while respecting stylistic balance: add visual appeal to your living room with elegant, classic furniture, making sure that it matches your chosen design concept.

Classic and contemporary living room spaces: choose the style that best represents you

If you want to give your living room an unparalleled sense of personality, choose the style that best represents you.

A classic style, however you choose to embrace it, will always provide conviviality and hospitality, delivered with class and elegance. While a contemporary style – which balances bold shapes and designer details – will never go out of fashion.

Turn your living room furniture into a manifesto of your personal taste by creating an environment that is brilliantly furnished with elegance and class.

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