The contemporary furniture of the Adora brand was born from the experience of Arredoclassic and complements the collections of the historic brand, offering a new way of looking at Italian design: contemporary elegance that inspires luxury interiors.

A young brand that renews the speaks the classic language but comes to life thanks to the company’s passion for the tradition of luxury Italian furniture.

The company’s contemporary furniture products offer the customer all the values that have always distinguished Arredoclassic and that have made it recognised and appreciated in the world of luxury furniture.

Designer furniture

The luxury of the Adora furniture can be found in the minimalistic aspects of its elements and in the perfect balance between the undisputed taste of classic Italian style and a strong contemporary personality.

The designer furniture market is a sophisticated yet simpleone offering classic touches in the details of the furniture decorations and the precious fabrics of the upholstery.

Essential furnishing that is nevertheless capable of fully expressing the personality of those who choose it with precious and refined details.

The Adora brand designers always observe the world around them, grasping the nuances and changes taking place in modern-style interior design.


Contemporary and modern Adora collection furnishings succeed in making the pleasure of a luxury environments accessible to the wider public – thanks to advantageous manufacturing solutions – while maintaining quality in finishes and details.

A luxury-à-porter that opens up to the world, indulging a wider public that can finally experience the prestige of Made in Italy furniture design.

Quality is guaranteed by Arredoclassic’s experience in the luxury furniture sector, and is found in every aspect:

• In the care of the finishes and details of the furniture and home decorations

• In the care and attention of pre- and after-sales service

• In the fast and efficient manufacturing schedule

Made in Italy furniture

When one speaks of “Made in Italy” the mind conjures up beauty, balance and refinement.

Arredoclassic translates all this into interior furnishings that are designed, manufactured, cared for and scrupulously checked by those who really know Made in Italy furniture quality.

The entire manufacturing process starts and grows in the Pesaro district, one of the major ones in the production of interior furnishing.

Each line of the Adora brand is born from the creative minds and craftsmanship in these areas but always with an eye to observing and interpreting the wishes of global customers.

This scrupulous attention to Italian style has earned Arredoclassic’s production the certification “100% Made in Italy” issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products.


The contemporary furniture brand Adora renovates the way of interpreting the classic style using a language that draws from the wealth of traditional design and translates it into new shapes.

Furnishing elements in step with our times, in which the opulent style of Italian classic designs blends with the geometric lines of the present with a touch of pleasant eccentricity.

Contemporary furnishing is a modern way of understanding home living, where the essentiality of the shapes enhances every room with its versatility, elegance and luxury.

The luxury in Adora’s modern furniture is provided by the quality of the materials and precious details that echo the customer’s wish for refinement and modernity:

• Mahogany, elm, walnut and cherry finishes

• Gold and silver leaf finishes

• Marble, granite and quartz effect finishes

• Fine, hand-embroidered fabrics

• Soft upholstering

These classically-inspired materials bestow a unique and distinctive character to rooms furnished with the contemporary Adora products.



Contemporary Dining Room by Adora

A dining room is a place of conviviality in every home, where furniture is the protagonist in accompanying pleasant moments spent in good company.

Here, functionality and contemporary simplicity take on even more value, making a statement with the refinement and quality of the materials.

The balance of colours and shapes is sophisticated and makes dining room furnishing in modern style warm and cosy but never trivial.

Each collection of the Adora brand can meet even the most demanding contemporary customer‘s needs, thanks to the luxury of the materials featuring a classic-style and the aesthetic research of Arredoclassic designers.

Contemporary Living Room by Adora

A contemporary living room is a living room where refinement becomes comfort and essentiality expresses the preferences of the host.

Minimalism of shapes but refined details and materials that make each element of the living room stand out: coffee tables, sofas, armchairs and chaises longues.

Choose from the living room collections of the Adora brand the one that best matches your personality.

Contemporary Bedroom by Adora

The bedroom represents an oasis of peace, warm and cosy through an essential yet refined contemporary style that invites relaxation and intimacy.

Hence the modern bedrooms of the Adora collections will offer you these feelings of comfort with furnishing solutions that remind of the precious details of other rooms in the home.

Dolce Vita Collection: between modern design and classic style

The art deco style is trendy because it can create an elegant environment, enhancing the value and quality of the furnishing and stands out for its:

• richly decorated furniture

• geometric lines

• colour contrasts

• coloured and squared glass

The symmetrical yet dynamic style typical of art deco has made a strong comeback in response to people’s need to immerse themselves in an environment that emphasises the quality of traditional furniture, without giving up on modern aesthetics that can offer that extra touch to the room.

The Dolce Vita collection was created to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of those who prefer colour contrasts, sharp corners, geometric lines and marble surfaces.

Art Deco style for a unique atmosphere

Living in a room furnished with the Dolce Vita collection means choosing to enjoy an exclusive experience focused on design and functionality.

An elegant atmosphere will warmly embrace you with seating that can accommodate everyone comfortably.

The fabrics of the lounge sofasare embellished with pleated workmanship, thus conveying their elegance.

The Dolce Vita collection features Made in Italy furniture that can create a room that fully reflects the Italian furnishing style between classic and contemporary.

Balance and symmetry

Classic art deco is symmetrical and balanced, featuring order in both architectural space and furnishing.

With its elegant lines and shapes, Dolce Vita will take you in an environment reminiscent of the old 20th-century villas, here reinterpreted in a more modern key thanks to its decorative elements.

The seats with their fabrics and enveloping shapes feature essential lines, the majestic headboard of the bed boasting geometric shapes finished with bronze and silver details and the wardrobe decorated with a big frame are all details of the Dolce Vita collection that convey a feeling of comfort and lively elegance.

Refinement and sophistication

Dolce Vita with its rooms such as the dining room allows you to welcome your guests in an elegant space that offers an exclusive experience.

The collection combines functionality and aesthetics, bringing art deco style into your home to embellish your home with elegance without weighing it down.

Its lines combine perfectly with the surfaces while the contrast of colours bestow balance and a sophisticated soul to the entire collection.

Made in Italy quality

Arredoclassic is a company whose products are certified “100% Made in Italy” whose entire production is located in the Pesaro area, a reference point for innovation and research in the field of interior design.

Every detail of Dolce Vita is designed to enrich and brighten your room to last over time.

For us, quality lies not only in the entirely Italian production, but also in the creation of furnishing elements with first-rate materials and the creative originality of our designs, exclusively created for our company.

Dolce Vita is born from in-depth knowledge of raw materials and the teamwork of our designers, always ready to offer you the best to meet your needs, characterising each element with details that make each room unique.